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PostSubject: BOTOHOLIC SIM SOCIAL HELPER   Sun 29 Jan - 12:46

This is what it does
Automatically picks up items & bonuses - when the bonus or item icons fall out from objects after you complete an action, BOTOHOLIC will automatically pick them up.
Automatically visits all your neighbors - in friend visiting mode, BOTOHOLIC will visit each of your neighbors one by one and complete 5 actions rewarding you with precious daily visit bonuses.
Sends gifts to your friends - after each visit, BOTOHOLIC will send a gift to your neighbor. It is very likely that your neighbor will send a gift back to you in appreciation.
Collects lots of social points - each time BOTOHOLIC automatically visits a friend, it will acquire 10 social points for you plus 2 points for every performed social action. That gives 10+(2*5)=20 social points daily for every friend you automatically visit. Fifty friends will grant you 1000 social points daily!
Maintains good mood - while visiting, BOTOHOLIC will do it's best to keep your Sim in good mood by satisfying all of his/her needs.
Connection error proof - whenever the game server disconnects you, you don't have to worry about starting the visiting process from the beginning. BOTOHOLIC will remember the last neighbor you visited and it is easy to resume the process after reloading the game.
Works in the background - you can minimize the BOTOHOLIC window while it automates the game and use the computer while it works in the background!
Auto-Update feature - this feature will allow you to always be up to date with latest versions of the product that we release.
100% Undetectable - Behaves like human - by performing only actions that a human player would perform while playing the game, EM keeps you safe without raising any red flags.
Free updates for life! - once you buy our product, you will never have to pay for it again and you will receive updates whenever they are available.

You can download it via this link: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
After you download you have a 120 Miinutes Free Trial but use my login to get infinite time. BTW i bought this so I can share it

username: uchihasasuke2709
password: awerty678

Please Click + if I helped.
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