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 How To Use fiddler 2 ?

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PostSubject: How To Use fiddler 2 ?   Sat 4 Feb - 12:55

These Steps are so easy to follow :
1. Download & Install Fiddler2
2. Open Fiddler2
3. Make sure the FiddlerHook in Mozilla is enable ,others no problem
4. Tick " Enable Automatic Responses " and " Unmatched Requests Passthrough "
5. Drag the FILE that will be used
6. Play the Game/Application you want to Hack
7. Clear Cache [ CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE ] .. Only Cache
8. Make sure that the code for every game/app is correct (e.g. Ninja Saga Hunting House -- hunting_house.swf )

Note : Fiddler2 is a HTTP Debugging Proxy . Automatically closing this tool may cause your browser to crash down so Close the Fiddler2 carefully .
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PostSubject: Re: How To Use fiddler 2 ?   Thu 12 Apr - 5:06

I want to use Fiddler 2 with Google Chrome.
There are some things that I don't understand.
1.) I am suppose to create a .dat file do I just make up any file and call it.dat
2.) I want Fiddler 2 to help me bypass the game server. So I take it, I'm going
to be using my computer files to replace the server.
3. Can you explain how this is done, in detail?

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How To Use fiddler 2 ?
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