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 Moderator Customer Charter

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The Moderator Team

  • The Moderator Team is made up of community members who have volunteered their time to provide a service to the Bio-Gaming community.
  • Moderators are responsible for upholding the Forum Rules.
  • Moderators will act in accordance with an internal Moderator Code of Conduct.

What Can You Expect of Us?

  • Moderators will abide by the same rules as the Bio-Gaming Community.
  • No information on suspensions, bans or punishments will be made public and corresponding threads/posts will be deleted and the member made aware of that.
  • Moderators will remain calm, polite and helpful during all conversations, conflicts and problems and treat the community with respect.
  • Moderators will be impartial in all cases and escalate any issues to a colleague or lead moderator if a conflict exists or when in doubt.

What Can We Expect Of You?

  • You will read and abide by the Forum Rules including updates that may occur from time to time
  • You will behave in a mature manner and treat the Moderator Team with respect at all times
  • You understand that a moderators decision is final and although a moderator may consider your appeal if you are polite and courteous, you will respect the decision that is made.
  • You will escalate any concerns regarding an individual moderators behaviour to a Lead Moderator privately.
  • You are welcome to provide general feedback (positive and negative) publicly, as long as it is constructive
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Moderator Customer Charter
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