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 Board & Signature Rules.

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Board & Signature Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Board & Signature Rules.   Board & Signature Rules. EmptySun 29 Jan - 7:49

I am sure that almost everything has rules.
In order to gain respect, one must learn to respect others.
We are very strict with it and we will not tolerate such offenders.
Below are the rules that must be followed.

Board Rules :

• No Spamming.
Please do not spam our board with nonsense. A most common example is advertising. Users caught doing so will be first given a warning and if the individual still fails to obey the rules then it will be followed by a permanent BAN.

• Use English.
Please avoid using any language other than English.

• Respect Moderators here.
Flaming any of them will result in a ban except if they're abusing their powers, which they don't.

• Using copyrighted materials.
The most common thing to do is take someone else's work and claim it as yours. It's also known as leeching. We most certainly take this case very seriously. Beware! Give the creator and owner of the material some credits.

• Avoid using, posting or luring members to Racial and Pornographic Content.
This can result in a straight BAN.

• Post Threads according to the section.
Please do not create threads in the wrong section. Common sense is all that you need. If you are unsure where to post, than think deeply. I am sure there's a more logical place to post your thread.

• Avoid double posting.
Please make 10 minutes pause before making next post. Learn to use the EDIT button. It's there for a reason. You can use a QUOTE button too.

• Referral Links are also forbidden.
If you still want to use one, please include a statement stating it's a referral link.

• Don't abuse the Reputation system.
Buying and selling reputation points are strictly prohibited.

• Please do not post or request Warez such as Cracked/Hacked software.
The Software section only allows Freewares.

• No Movies, Music Torrents or whatsoever which supports piracy.
We do not fully support Software or Media Piracy.

Signature Rules :

• Please use small - medium sized signatures only.

• Size is not to be larger than 250KB.

• Limit of 2 Images, unless you are using userbars.

• No referral links.

• No Racial or Pornographic link content.

• If you want to advertise your site or links in your signature, make sure there's a back-link to Bio-GAming Community.
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Board & Signature Rules.
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